Harry Styles’s Harry Styles.

I know the album came out two month ago, and I know people have already hyped about it but since I've been busy with uni and exams(law is not easy folks), I haven't been able to properly take my time and write about it. So here is my album review of Harry Styles's Harry Styles.... Continue Reading →


  "When I say I get happy when other people are happy or when I say that I get my dose of happiness from other people, there is a general assumption that I'm a very selfless person. But let me tell you that is it the most selfish and evil thing ever.  When another person... Continue Reading →

My near-death experience.

Welcome to an un-common edition of story time with Ana.   Disclaimer: This story isn’t for the faint heart, viewers discretion is advised. All the events in the story happened in real life, it is not a work of fiction.   It was a normal evening, my brother and I were watching an episode of... Continue Reading →


“It’s a permanent marker.” Someone told me once handing me it, I gasped! Once I’ll write from this, it won’t erase ever! Years passed, I grew and thought maybe that’s why they made us write from pens and pencils, at least with them we can erase what we’ve written. Permanent maker always remained an ignorant... Continue Reading →

Music preferences.

"You like pop? Ew You don't know what real music is." "You listen to metal? Ew you're such a grunge." "You listen to old music? God, you're so boring." MUSIC PREFERENCES ARE MUSIC PREFERENCES, YOU ARE NOT A WINNER IF YOU LISTEN TO CERTAIN TYPE OF MUSIC NOR ARE YOU A LOSER IF YOU DON'T.... Continue Reading →


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