How I got into reading.

Since this is my first blog post ever I thought the best way to start would be to tell you the story of how I got into reading.

I am a dedicated diary writer, I started writing my diary when I was in second grade which was eleven years ago and I have not stopped since.Writing about my feelings or just about how my day went is something I thorougly enjoy from a very young age.Re-reading my old diaries and looking back into all the memories, whether good or bad, was a new habit I developed when I reached grade seven. I loved reading my diaries from previous years but obviously I grew out of re-reading what I wrote because it reached a point where I could recite what I had written perfetly.

So began my journey of “What the hell do I read now for my entertainment?” The idea of reading books always ended with syllabus books, truth be told I didn’t even know well enough what a book(other than the ones we read in school) was.

Halfway done with my eight grade,I still hadn’t found out about the other reading material but then came our library period. We always had library periods but the thing was, I always used my library periods to complete my homework(So I wouldn’t have to, at home) or learn for some upcoming tests. Truth be told our school library didn’t have much good reading books in it too but on that particular day our shool management had decided to stock our library with hundreds of new books which were not in our syllabus.Story books, biographies,novels, and whatnot. While all of my classmates seemed very unamused about the change happening aruond us, I was filled with exciment. I asked our librarian if I can see the new books and she herself was suprised to see my interest. (You see, I come from a country where reading or writing about anything that is not “school syllabus” related is just considered wasted time by the majority of the population. Only book knowledge,high marks and how much money you make from what you do is what matters the most. I will have to writer a whole another blog to explain how hypocrite and biased the education system here is, really.)

The librarian said yes and I picked up an R.L Stine goosebump book called ‘The hauted school.’ and began reading it. Unfortunaetly, the periods are only fourty mintues long. I waited for our next week’s library period with exciment and eagernesss, that was the very first moment when I started to discover the joy of reading and the wonders it can do to our imagination. After the second sitting of reading it and still not be able to finish it made me issue it from ur library so I could finish it at home and calm my curiosity down. And the amazing way the book ended, with the photographer taking the piture and boom! done. We all know what happened to them then. 😉

After that my school library became my second home, in breaks I would sneak there or drag my friends with me(they just looked at magazines and called me a nerd but not as an insult but for what it was.)Our school librarian adored me as much I adored her. She would actually ask me name’s of specific books I’d like to read, when I did gave her a name in a few weeks or so that would be in our school library. I couldn’t afford to buy books so all the things I read were because of my school’s library from hardy boys,goosebumps to The secret seven.

And that’s how I got inot reading and never looked back. With a huge help from my school librarian and my own self.

I would love to know how all of you reading this, got into reading be it novels,blogs or even the newspaper.


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  1. Great post, I’ve had sort of the same experience, I’ve always loved to read, but two years ago I started going to my public library a lot, and since then that library has been a second home for me too! I read at least two books a week, and I actually have a blog that is about book reviews. I’m also a huge nerd, so I like reading sci-fi and fiction. 🙂


  2. Nice story ! I got into reading when I was 12 and discovered Harry Potter series , but it would be a lie to say that I have not read anything before that ! Actually , I sharing this passion with my mom because she is the one who led me into the land of books ! I’m Amy from Instagram , by the way ! ^^

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