“What is my type?” A reader’s dilemma.

As an avid reader and professional fangirl, there is one question impossible for me to answer “What is your favorite book?” if I go on to say that “I can’t choose one” the person goes “But what if you HAD to choose one, what would it be?” then when even then I say no, then the person irritates me more by asking “Okay then is there any particular type of book you like?”

After this point begins my speech that I seem to give to everyone who persists on knowing ‘my type’.

It goes something like this–
“What’s my type you ask? Pick one? How do you think I’m suppose to choose, among all the books I’ve read, to choose just one book and put in the favorite category? Every book I read, I absorb something new from it, some part of that book remains with me forever, I may get blurry on the story but there will always be one thing from every book I read that I will remember and every time it’s name is mentioned or I look over my shelf at it, I will feel the exact emotion I felt when I read it the first time. Some people may just read for the heck of it or just for the story, I don’t have anything against them but I’m not one of those people. I will remember almost every quote that inspired me, made me cry, felt relatable, was a slap into reality, made me realize something, made me happy, even the ones that made me depressed because all these stories I’m reading, their being stored inside my soul like my own personal version of bible, because then, the next time I see a sad person, some quote will remind me how one gesture of care shown can have a huge impact on someone else’s life or how I should really think through the words I’m saying because after all words matter the most. So let me ask you, how do I choose one book when, little parts of me are scattered among all of them?” By this point the person who asked the question is regretting asking me or is snoring or is annoyed by my ‘unnecessarily elongated answer.’ But that’s fine by me because now they will not ask me again. I feel betrayed when I, even so much as try to pick a favorite one, because it’s like the other books are whispering “You traitor.”

A reader never really asks another reader what’s their favorite book, it’s like a silent agreement between our society. An unwritten rule you’re suppose to know. The right questions to ask a reader goes something like this:

“What’s one of your favorite books?”

“What book are you loving these days?”

“Any TBRs you’re excited for?”

That way you don’t get the awfully long answer of  “Why we can’t choose one”  and suffer and also,  you don’t put us in a situation which will make us suffer.


One thought on ““What is my type?” A reader’s dilemma.

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  1. Aish. So true . Books are like unexpressed feeling – you can’t choose which one is the strongest . I remember my literature teacher once asked me what my favourite book was and I’d just stared at her wondering if I can make a list XDD

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