College Life and advice from an amateur. 

“You’re gonna miss your school days.”

“Enjoy while you’re in school because once you’re in college, life won’t be that easy. “

Almost everyone I know, who have passed school(some even college),had said that to me. The basic human tendency to always crave something when they no longer have it.

Leaving school is a new chapter in everyone’s life, the feeling of meeting new people, studying new subjects(yes I am a nerd, and I feel happy about my subjects.) The word  new sends waves of excitement in everyone’s body, nervousness may also be a part of it but trust me I did not feel nervous at all. My friends kept asking “How nervous are you?” And I would go blank.

I was ready not nervous. I know it may be different for all human beings but to the ones who, like me, thought or is thinking “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not feeling nervous? Am I stoic?” It is totally normal. Everyone deals with life situations differently.

One thing that most people do when they’re about to start something new, be it- a new project, diet or for this blog’s example, college. They set higher expetation for themselves and also, for the surroundings which they are about to enter. That’s when everything stars falling apart, expecting too much will lead to disappointment. As Slyvia Plath had said “Never expect anything from the world and you’ll never get disappointed.” People tend to think that this is a pessimistic way of living whereas I feel it is a realistic way, which in the ends gives us happiness when it comes to practical life.

Expecting to get a 20 out of 20 on a test you worked very hard for and getting a 19 would give disapointement. Whereas, giving your best and hoping for the best will give you content and satisfaction, whatever the result maybe. Hoping to get a twenty is better than expecting it. Just like changing the use of the words ‘I had to’ to ‘I choose to’. 

Trust me, it makes a huge difference.

Letting things naturally take their course is an essential part of our being.

College is not as  glamourous as they show in the movies or televsion shows but it isn’t bad too.

College is probably the best part of any student’s life. Here, you find yourself as an individual. If provides you a reflection of your own self. It helps you to find out who you are and what can you do but also wouldn’t sugar coat or lay down gently, the things you simply can’t.
It is a revelation for many, a place to learn for all.
Here, I will set a- Expectation V.Reality comparison of college in the most realest way possible, according to my own. (I’m still in college by the way.)

Expectation 1- Independence. 

As soon as you’re in college, you’re your own person! Need not to give a damn about anyone, you’re an adult, you’re free, just care for yourself, you live for your own self.

The days of depending on people are gone, you have taken another step towards pure Independence.


Yes, college makes you independent. You do take another step towards adulthood but thinking that as soon as you reach college you’re free  is wrong.  Nothing is absolute.

You cannot survive college alone. Remember their is a difference between Independence and isolation.

Interact with people, if not friends make good acquaintances(every friendship starts off like that.)Human beings are social animals and it is not dependence but interdependence that keeps us going. From- asking for notes to getting opinions and advices, from help in college work or stress or on deciding what to wear to a party, you would want people. Doesn’t matter if you were an introvert in high school, push yourself and put yourself out there in college because the fun part is nobody would care about what or how you were in high school but only what you are in front of them.

I love this part of starting college, it is a do over of a sort.

You will need other people and they will need you, so the concept of Independence is  where you make your own decision, do your own work and have your mates help you out when needed not punishing yourself by isloating yourself and literally doing everything by your own self without any help or companionship.

Expectation 2- Friends. 

 I entered my new dorm room and saw a girl sitting on the bed, which was in to the left of the room. She looked up and smiled at me, from that moment I knew we would be becoming best friends.


The little paragraph you read above is a little compilation of almost all YA novels I have read, TV shows I’ve watched and is complete utter bullshit.

You don’t make instant friends, let alone best friends. 

My first day, I talked to many people and I thought, “Well, I guess I’ve met decent enough people.” Woo. For the beginning of the two-three days of classes, all of us stuck together because no one knew no one, but  now I don’t know even know where did those people even went or were they some aliens who fooled me into believing they were students.

Only two out of all the people I met on the first day are actually part of my friend circle now and funny thing, one of my most precious friend, I met after I had already been going to college for two months.

Some people try to much, that’s also not good.  Don’t expect people to instantly become BFFs with you or start caring for you after two days of talks, unless you’re lucky or can sweep people off from your charms.  😀

Expectation 3- Parties. 

People expect to have a lot of parties in college. Those midnight drinks, crazy outings and all those dreamlike EDMish festivals.


Going to college for the purpose of ‘partying hard’ is a concept beyond me. Not forgetting that the main priority for going to college, after paying for the tuition by selling your soul to Crowley( SPN reference), is studying and getting that degree! There are parties and they are pretty fun, hanging out with friends and get-togethers but college is much more than that.

We do have fun, don’t get me wrong but remember fun is fun when you keep it a little under control of your correct judgment.

Expectation 4- Broke life and stress. 

College students are broke. Oh the agony. The stress is always there, you are always stressed about stuff whether classes, notes, exams or your daily routine life.


All is a lie. Yes, college students are broke but well, when were we not? We lived off our parents money our whole life and we study in college to get that degree to get the job to transform into the non-broke people. So, other things people exaggerate. If you are a spendthrift then college will surely teach you to not be one, that’s the truth.

Stress is a part of human life not just college life. It all depends on how you take it. Stress will always be there but it is upon us to know when to slow down and breathe. There is a lot going on in college and trust me, you will have breakdowns some days(I’ve had them too) but the thing is that all of that makes us more stronger for when we go out in the field.

You will learn which things are worth stressing over(and also know how to handle it) and which things are to be taken normally.

College is not equivalent to stress and I don’t know how  can I emphasize more on that.

College is another chapter of your life. According to your capabilities you’ve passed high school college is no different, just another step.


College is probably the best place to be in your life because it grooms you if you let it.
Hope this was worth a read.


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