Accepting the reality of the world.

We live inside a bubble and it is not wrong to admit it. That bubble isn’t always filled with happiness and joy but also contains sorrow, hardships and regrets but we accept it and live with it because it’s ours. We made that bubble, we live in that bubble and we chose who lives there with us as well as what we retain and what we don’t.

It our little space and since everybody has gotten so much on their plates, we hardly even consider what goes on outside that bubble.

But what happens when we do?

We mess up ourselves in a beautifully chaotic way. Beautiful because it provides so many perspectives and not just those which we’ve gotten and gained through people in our lives and us. Chaotic because the more perspectives of life and living you get, the world stops being black and white and enters the area of grey. Before that, there is always a right and wrong in the world but after opening yourself up to the world, there are no rights and wrongs in the world, just in your head. Can, you calling something wrong, be considered wrong just because you say it is?

Everyone has two aspects of living. One is, which helps you live your life smoothly and the other one, is a window you seldom open and if it opens it brings something in your current life which you don’t want.

The world is a happy place, when you want to believe it. 

The world is a sad place, is a truth and we live our life denying it.

There comes days when suddenly the bubble bursts, like one day when I was on the terrace of my house with my mum, sitting in the sunlight. Songs were playing in the background, I had my phone on shuffle, my mum and I we were talking, having a laugh and being our normal selves, happy with the company of each other and with our lives, everything was normal.

After a while, we got up and my eyes wandered onto the park we have just in front of our apartment building. I saw a man with matted hair, dirty clothes, a cloth hanging on his shoulders, and a tiresome face, walk inside the park. He had a lunch box in his hand, which he just simply put down on the ground and turned towards one of the benches.

He stopped, looked at the bench and I saw his shoulders sigh, in what I could gather was exhaustion, and then very slowly he took the cloth hanging on his shoulders in his hand and unceremoniously just waved it above the bench, in a failed attempt to clean the dust that circled around it. Then he just sat there, doing nothing but look into oblivion, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, which made his shoulders heap up and it was one of those breaths which even I take when I’m just done.

He just sat there.

I was watching him and I couldn’t look away, my eyes were stuck on him and I instantly fell into a state of sadness. Gone was the happy hour I spent with my mum, gone was the laugh we were having, gone was the feeling of being happy, being home, all of this was gone and were replaced by the feeling of emptiness and guilt.

While some of us are living this life, some of us are just getting by it.

He did not care about the bench being clean, hell he did not even care if there was a bench, but he still did it. Why? Because that’s routine. Something we got to do, because that’s how we live.

I figured he was one of the labours, who were working in a construction site nearby our apartment building. And I know they are paid way less than the work they actually do.

His site reminded me of all the other things I’ve seen in my life, which I choose to ignore because I can’t carry the weight of everyone on my shoulders, can I?

On normal days, I scroll past posts on social media like :-


And I agree to it completely because it is technically correct but on days like these when the bubble bursts, I wonder, what really is the correct train of thought?

We believe in it and that it does help in the welfare of the society as a whole but we believe that to put mud on other aspects.

What about the work places where the labours are paid brutally low wages or no wages at all? What about exploitation of the people who cannot raise there voices or don’t know how to? People who are simply tired to fight a system which is a chain of corruption one way or another. Little children who are made to work in factories?

To have peace within ourselves, we believe what we want to be true but sadly that does not change the reality. Reality is always there, right in front of us but we choose to ignore it.

We believe that there is good so that the bad doesn’t bother us sleeping at night.

Now, I’m not saying that this is wrong, we all do it and it is okay to be selfish because in the end there isn’t a single selfless deed in this world, but I’m just saying that it is messed up. I know we cannot be sad for the world, my rational mind believes that but what I cannot put my head around is the hypocrisy in the rationality.

The advice I’ve gotten, read and received by so many people is:-

“Don’t pretend everything is okay when it’s not, because the more you pretend the more you lose sight of what being okay is actually like.”

But what are we doing in reality?

The world cannot enter into the state of euphoria, at least not until every human being on this planet starts caring for the right things and people and if the gap between the rich and poor would be neutralized by all the government of all the countries around the world, we know that’s never going to happen.

We are doing the best we can- charities, research programs, non-profit and other organisations, social work and so much more and that’s the best we can do.

We cannot change the world because our actions can only target some people, we cannot make the whole world a better place but we can try to make it better for some, we cannot eradicate the bad from the world because with light comes darkness, and THAT’S OKAY.
This irrational need of believing everything is fine only holds the world up to standards it can never reach, do we actually believe that there can be worldwide peace? 

I just wish we would stop living our lives pretending. World is chaotic, some of us try our best to change that and we succeed, some of us simply live our lives for us because we living well is a contribution to the world as well.  That’s all that matter. Let’s not dishearten ourselves because we cannot control all the lives on this planet but proudly embrace the reality, that in the end we can only impact some people and not all.

Our glass can be half empty or half full but let’s stop ignoring the fact that in the end it is just half. 


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