Gender equality: “We are a reflection of what our home is. “

When we are Born, it is our parents, the environment surrounding us, which leaves it’s first impression. It carves many aspects of our lives, what kind of people we will become, the personality we will develop, our principles of life, our morals and the list goes on and on.
I personally believe,

whatever a person becomes is a reflection of the upbringing by their parents.

I am lucky enough to be born in a family where everyone has the right to weigh their opinions. My parents have raised me and my brother in a very open environment. From a very little age, we’ve been taught how to make our decisions and learn from the them.  One of my father’s main mantra of life  is

See, think and do.

Analyze what’s in front of you, think about the things you can do or should do, and then only take action.

He says, life becomes easier when you have control over your actions and don’t rush into anything.

Whereas, my mom has a mantra that

Learn to enjoy little moments in your life, for they go by easy but if you stop caring for them, they might stop coming by easy too.

She believes that this world is becoming too cruel everyday, so it is important for us to be too kind(but careful) towards it and people around us.

You can see, my mum and dad are complete opposites when it comes to their ‘take’ on life. So growing up,we’ve had the mix of both sides.

Work has never been a ‘this is what you’re supposed to do’ and ‘that’s what you’re supposed to do’  in our house. Both of them have put great emphasis over the fact that we become independent in all sense. From doing the dishes to laundry, from cleaning the house to making food, from polishing shoes to shopping for house supplies, both of us do it all. Our house has never defined work by the basis of “This is what your sister/mother is supposed to do.”
Or “This is what your brother/father is supposed to do.”  And trust me, these little thing make a difference.

When we go out of the house, we(my brother and I) obviously have to see all these worms of inequality around us but the thing is that because we know WHAT IT IS, we know how to deal with it.

For example, my teachers and relatives have told me “Girls aren’t supposed to…” or “Only boys are supposed to…” which is irritating because I don’t understand,with all due respect, why can’t they put it through their thick skulls that yes, when you talk biologically there are some aspects of girls body that cannot compete with boys and vice versa but that’s biology, why they input THAT difference in the social life by defining the length of my skirts and amount of skin I’m showing or the ‘way’ I behave?

In circumstances like these, I take my stand, why would I take gender prejudices from people when my family has raised me better than that? My parents stand up for me.

But it’s not just me. My brother has to face discrimination as well. His interest in sports, which for a sane person would seem a normal thing, determines his ‘manliness’ apparently. One day he comes home sad and annoyed, I ask him what’s wrong and he said that some of his classmates made fun of him for choosing badminton as his favorite sport rather than ‘cricket’ or ‘football’ which is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard but according to them it’s more of a ‘girl sport’. These are school boys I’m talking about, who put these thoughts in their minds? They are at the initial stage of their lives and their minds are already corrupted? Those little girls who are told to give up sports because they are supposed to be ‘fragile and gentle’?

Who is creating this society where everything is being divided among the genders rather than being shared?

W e  a r e.

Either by simply being silent about it or being a part of it.

The problem begins within our homes and can end at the same. We always aim to change the whole damn world but aren’t we part of the that very world as well?

If we just aim at making ourselves and our coming generations understand what real equality means, then wouldn’t all of this be easier? Family by family, friend by friend, this oh so far fetched concept of “Equality” may not be as impossible as it seems.

But then again, this fight for equal human rights for all genders isn’t that easy to begin with, is it? If it were I wouldn’t be writing a blog about it in the first place.


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