“It’s a permanent marker.” Someone told me once handing me it, I gasped!

Once I’ll write from this, it won’t erase ever! Years passed, I grew and thought maybe that’s why they made us write from pens and pencils, at least with them we can erase what we’ve written.

Permanent maker always remained an ignorant fear. I’ll use it and never bother to see what happened next for it was always going to be there. It was permanent, never to be erased right? In the later years people made me co relate many aspects of human life to that permanent maker. You make a mistake, it will never go away. You get hurt, there always will be a scar. You say a word, you can never take it back. You use the permanent marker, the ink will never erase.

One day when after several mistakes and pint of regret, I sat alone in my room in the pool of my tears and sang the same old song, singing “I’ve hit rock bottom. In the world full of pencils, I used the permanent marker.” Time passed and I carried the ink within me, seeing it, feeling it, regretting it.

Then one day, in amidst of a laughter with new faces and new surroundings suddenly I felt the ink erasing, eroding out of my body by the force of the laughter which was almost genuine for the first time. That day I went home, used a permanent marker on my own body and soon realized it wasn’t so permanent after all.

I don’t usually add these author notes but this time I’m putting this up because I wanted to let everyone know, no matter how much of hard time life may be giving you now, eventually it will pass and when it will, you’ll be proud of yourself for getting through. I got over my fear of permanent makers, and you will too. 

Much love. 


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